Finding Inspiration Within to Live Fearlessly

Speaker: Siri Lindley, World Champion Triathlete, High-Performance Coach & Author
From the science of achievement to the art of fulfillment, Siri Lindley draws on her personal journey of self-discovery – of overcoming fear and failure to become a world champion triathlete – to equip you with effective strategies for unleashing your passion, fueling your inner fire, and reaching new levels of success in life and business. For Siri, the great gifts in her life resulted from her greatest struggles. With a change of mindset – by deciding to live fearlessly authentic and own every part of who she is – she began to create the extraordinary life of a champion that she always dreamed. Now she is sharing those same inspiring lessons to help you navigate tough times, bring out your best, and uncover your true potential.

Betting on Women: The Power of an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Moderator: Lynn Shapiro Snyder, Founder & President, WBL Foundation, and National Health Care & Life Sciences Practice Leader, Epstein Becker Green
Eve Burton, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Hearst
Eve Burton is redefining the way we invest, inspire, and support women in business.  As Senior VP and Chief Legal Officer - and Board Member - of Hearst, one of the nation’s largest diversified media, information and services companies, Eve’s team provides legal services to all of Hearst’s 360 businesses around the world (including its healthcare businesses).  That’s enough to keep anyone busy, but Eve doesn’t stop at that.  Her drive to innovate and support women led her to start HearstLab, an incubator that fosters innovation and investment in early stage businesses led by women, building a community of women entrepreneurs under the Hearst umbrella.  Her passion for promoting women extends to supporting a Foundation to open doors for the next generation of women leaders and unlock the potential of girls in STEM Eve’s influence extends beyond Hearst into the business world: she sits on the board of Intuit, and served on the board of directors of AOL until its recent sale to Verizon. This session will be a chance to get to know Eve and hear stories of this inspiring woman’s life and leadership, but also an opportunity to reflect on how, with the right creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, you too can support women no matter what role you’re in.

How Inspirational Startups Will Change Our Industry

Moderator: Jodi Hubler, Managing Director, Lemhi Ventures
Adrianna Cantu, Co-Founder & CEO, Revealix
Mette Dyhrberg, Founder & CEO, Mymee
Allison Martin, CEO and Founder, UDoTest Inc
Hanadie Yousef, CEO and Co-Founder, Juvena Therapeutics
Hear from 5 innovative startup companies who will share what they are doing to shake up and change our industry for the better.  They'll be interviewed by investing expert Jodi Hubler, Managing Director of Lemhi Ventures, who will share her insights and help us discover how we can be part of these companies' journeys to improve our health.

  • Revealix is developing an intelligent, mobile and scalable imaging software solution aimed at alleviating the growing burden of diabetic limb disease. 

  • Mymee is a digital therapeutics program rethinking autoimmunity, reversing the symptoms of autoimmune disease through data analytics and health coaching.

  • UdoTest is a delivery platform designed to activate a personalized screening experience in the home.

  • Juvena Therapeutics is a biopharma company that develops protein-based tissue regeneration therapeutics for the elderly.

Commanding Influence Through Communication

Speaker: Jeanne Meserve, President, Shore Road Multimedia LLC
Jeanne Meserve has had an impressive career as an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning anchor and correspondent for CNN and ABC News. Covering events of national and international significance, such as Hurricane Katrina and the death of Princess Diana, Jeanne has spent her career communicating for a living. She now travels the world as an Executive Communication Coach teaching others to be more effective, compelling communicators. Body language, tone, and inflection can have an enormous impact on whether and how your message is received. Jeanne will share practical techniques for developing a powerful presence and ensuring that you are heard. Whether you want to improve your in-person networking techniques, gain respect in a professional environment, position yourself for a new role or promotion, or break through barriers with your colleagues, this session will give you the tools to influence through effective communication.

Paying It Forward: No One Walks Alone

Speaker: Jessica Harthcock, Founder & CEO, Utilize Health
In 2004, Jessica Harthcock was practicing her springboard diving routines at a gymnastics studio when she landed wrong and heard a crunch. She couldn't move. Her official diagnosis was a spinal cord injury with paralysis at the T3-4 level, meaning she could move her arms, but nothing below her sternum. The doctors told her the damage was permanent, and she would never walk again.

Through hours of hard work, traveling, and research she was able to make a meaningful recovery and regain the use of her legs.  As a result of this ordeal, Jessica’s creativity, and a genuine desire to pay it forward, Utilize Health was born.  Why should everybody have to navigate insurance companies, facilities, treatments, and trials when we could be working together?  Learn how one inspiring personal story will influence the lives of patients for years to come, and leave inspired to make a difference yourself.

The Power of Courageous, Compassionate Leadership

Moderator: Mary Flipse, SVP, Chief Legal & Administrative Officer, and Corporate Secretary, Tivity Health
Donato Tramuto, CEO, Tivity Health
The workforce is changing. Meaningful employment isn’t enough – people now want to belong and feel connected to the work they produce. Join WBL member and Tivity Health Chief Legal and Administrative Officer Mary Flipse as she chats with Donato Tramuto, CEO of Tivity Health, about leading with tenderness, trust and tenacity … and how incredibly powerful and influential this brand of leadership can be. Hear how tough but compassionate leadership and workplace dignity have transformed his business, and walk away with the inspiration to create your own version of accessible, communicative leadership.

Strong Leadership in Challenging Times

Moderator: Rosemarie Day, Founder & CEO, Day Health Strategies
Christine Candio, President and CEO, St. Luke’s Health Corporation
Sheila Frame, VP and Head of Biopharmaceuticals, North America, Sandoz
Fran Gary, President, Medicaid East Region, Anthem, Inc.
Join moderator Rosemarie Day, Founder & CEO, Day Health Strategies, for a chance to hear from 3 inspirational WBL members about leadership, health care, and their unique brand of health care leadership. With panelists representing biotech, a major health plan, and a major provider, this session will cut across silos and give the audience a chance to learn more about how these women inspire and influence the teams around them. What’s happening in health care that’s keeping them up at night?  What industry changes offer the biggest opportunities, and what are they hoping will not happen? How do they lead and maintain morale when, sometimes, the parameters keep changing?  Hear what keeps these remarkable leaders going back to work each day, how leadership can be rewarding, and more in this unique panel that will blend a discussion of recent health care trends with advice on how to lead through it all.

Winning and Keeping Business

Speaker: Julie Hansen, Founder, Performance Sales & Training
Every day we find ourselves selling something – whether it’s an idea, a new piece of business, or maintaining an important relationship.  Maybe this is a professional role you’ve been thrust into without any past experience, or maybe you’ve spent half your career in sales.  Have you ever wondered whether you are employing the most effective tactics when it comes to selling yourself or your business?  Let Julie Hansen teach you how to sell without selling by building strong relationships and using natural aspects of your personality to develop rapport and trust. Based on her personal experience as an award-winning saleswoman and as a professional actress, Julie will help you learn how to be naturally persuasive by quickly establishing an emotional connection with customers and crafting a purposeful story that captures the client’s interest. You will walk away from this session with tangible strategies for being an effective saleswoman and building strong relationships that last.

Investing in Innovation

Speaker: Barbara Stinnett, CEO/President, Timmaron Group
If a company does not make it a focus, innovation may end up taking place only at the occasional strategy off-site.  But to stay at the forefront of our industry, innovation can and must be part of a company’s core business.  More and more often, investors, and the boards they sit on, are playing crucial and vital roles in fostering innovation.  Learn from Barbara Stinnett, CEO of the Timmaron Group, who works with health care and tech companies, about how, at different stages of investing, investors can create an environment ripe for innovation.  Whether it’s choosing the right senior team, specific departments or roles, suggesting the right advisors, or nominating board members with a specific perspective, there is a recipe for successful innovation.  Whether you’re approaching this session as a board member looking to inspire more innovation in your organizations, or as an executive interested in better understanding your investors and board, this session, and its lessons about the innovations boards expect from their investment, will be informative.

How Exceptional Leaders Influence, Inspire, and Mentor

Speaker: Carla Harris, Vice Chairman, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
Nothing is more integral to the success of your organization than who is on your team.  As a leader, how will you invest in their future, and keep them invested in your organization?  Carla Harris is Vice Chairman, Managing Director, and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley and author of Expect to Win and Strategize to Win, two books on how great leaders influence, inspire, and mentor.  Carla will share stories of her own missteps and victories, and how her “Pearls” of wisdom can translate into developing a pipeline of exceptional leadership.  Walk away from this session with a better idea of what it means to be a leader who inspires, what sets a great sponsor apart from a good mentor, and the kinds of strategies and advice that will make you a leader that others are proud to follow.

The Inspiration Equation

Speaker: Kathleen Ellmore, Managing Director, Engagys
Do you ever wonder why certain people’s personal narratives are incredibly inspiring and others just fall flat? That is because the power of understanding and harnessing your own inspiration cannot be understated. What is the equation for discovering the most powerful type of inspiration and how do you use that to motivate others to be invested in your success?

In this session, hear from Kathleen Ellmore, Managing Director, Engagys, on the importance of discovering, packaging and illuminating your personal inspiration to transform your business. Kathleen will spend time analyzing real life examples of inspiration comparisons and the secrets of winners such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. How did they differentiate between motivation and inspiration and how did they tactically maneuver transparency to garner the support of the public? Join this session to discover the 3 key elements that create inspiration and how you can leverage them in your own story to motivate customers, employees, and yourself.